Exponential 2 :: Andy Stanley

I just stole this post from this guy. But I really wanted to share what he said.

Andy Stanley spoke on Making Vision Stick in session 2 @ Exponential.  A few quoteables…

“‘You’re the Christ, the Son of the Living God…’ – that is the glue that holds us all together.  We may not agree on anything else, but we can agree on that.”

Vision always begins as a burden.
The challenge for those of us in leadership is making what’s clear ‘in here’ has to become clear ‘out there’ or people can’t follow us.
Making vision stick is central to leading people.

5 Keys to Making Vision Stick:
1. State it simply

  • Memorable is portable
  • The Curse of Knowledge – you know so much about everything you’re doing, but the people you’re leading don’t know. It’s your responsibility to make it clear.
  • What do people show up at work everyday to do?
  • If you can’t communicate it simply, it won’t stick.
  • Is it any advantage to have an incredibly well though out plan that no one knows about or understands.

2. Cast it convincingly

  • Define the problem
    • what must be done in our environment?
    • what could go undone if we ceased to exist?
  • Offer a solution
  • Explain the why and why now
    • this is where the passion comes – this is what motivates people to act

3.  Repeat it regularly

  • Discover your rhythms and cast vision accordingly
  • Vision doesn’t naturally stick..it leaks.  You have to repeat it.

4. Celebrate systematically

  • There are no photographs to show people if you’re taking them to a place they have never been
  • When you catch someone living out the vision, make them a public example
  • Stories do more to clarify the vision than anything else
  • People need living illustrations

5. Embrace it personally and publically

  • When you do, it’s obvious that you really do believe it
  • When you share your own stories, you’re not bragging, you’re letting people see your commitment

Andy Stanley talking about vision is like throwing him a slow softball pitch – it’s a home run every time.  The greatest part of this talk was how frank, open and honest Andy was at the beginning about his personal story and how North Point began.  For more, check out his book by the same title.

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