Connecting: Adventure Christian Church Student Ministry

I love to connect with other people in ministry. I recently blogged about going to Atlanta and making some pretty awesome connections there. Yesterday, Greg Zuffelato and I went up to Sacramento, Ca and spent some time with the Student Ministry staff of Adventure Christian Church. They shared some things they’ve been learning recently and I really enjoyed exchanging thoughts and ideas with them. Here’s what Scott, Brian, Drew, Drue, Mandy and Mar said they’v been learning the past couple of months:

  • Leaders lead Leaders
  • Replace Yourself – Get people to apprentice you
  • Get someone who can do what you do at least 80% as well as you do it and train them to do it better than you
  • Neither Quality or Connection bring growth alone
  • Apprenticing is all about
    • Asking someone to observe what you do
    • Asking someoen to help you do what you do
    • Asking someone to do what you do
    • Asking someone to own what you did
  • Pick leaders, don’t take volunteers!
  • Target the parents of your freshman students
  • The time you spend WITH someone is often better than any giftcard you could give them
  • Things that are important in relationship to volunteers
    • The person
    • The job
    • The measurement (accountability)
  • When you calendar…back date.

What are YOU learning?

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