Defiant Leadership Lessons

Erica has been away for the weekend and I decided to watch a movie that I knew she wasn’t into. I went with Defiance. You can read all about the story here, but I wanted to highlight some interesting thoughts on leadership. Here are my thoughts on this particular leader (Tuvia Bielski):

  • He wasn’t looking to be a leader but found himself in the position of a leader
  • He often didn’t know what he was doing or if it was the best decision, but he knew decisions needed to be made, even in the midst of uncertainty
  • He wasn’t very well educated, he couldn’t even read
  • What seemed like a futile resistance to an inevitable death, saved 10’s of thousands of lives (including the grand-children and great-grand-children living today)
  • He needed support from respected people within the group
  • He became ill and people questioned his leadership, but he held firm to the idea that he was the leader until God removed him
  • He started out on a mission for revenge and ended up wanting to save lives
  • Even when he didn’t know if it was possible, he gave hope to others and that hope helped them believe it was

So, what can we learn from this? How can this apply to whatever leadership capacity you’ve been given? Let me know your thoughts.


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