The Sky is Falling

The celebrity death toll has been shooting through the roof lately. It seems like every morning when you turn on the tv, check your facebook, log in to twitter or listen to the radio you hear about two or three celebrities that have passed away. I’ve heard some rumblings and questions about what this means. People seem to be a little more uneasy right now. And the question I keep hearing is, “Why are these celebrities dying?”

Here’s my take. I think we will become even more increasingly aware of famous deaths and here’s why:

1. Our world is increasingly smaller. The use of media and personal-media/social-media helps information to spread instantly across the globe. Someone from NY says a new movie was not  good on opening night and some people see that on twitter on their way  to the theater. If they trust that person’s opinion, they might switch their mind on seeing the movie. Instant information is everywhere.

2. There are many ways to be a celebrity. Thousands of people enter the public eye every year. There are actors, musicians, politicians, writers, reality-stars, producers, sports stars, moguls, and social advocates. There are many ways to become famous.

So as the celebrity list expands and the modes of communication become faster and more wide-spread we will become more and more aware of the celebrity death toll. It’s not a sign of something terrible to come or an epidemic. It’s simply a smaller world than it used to be. The sky is not falling.

What do you think?


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Kristina Staudt on July 21, 2009 at 10:05 am

    Agreed. I also think, too, that as we age out, so will our era’s celebrities. We are getting older, so are our celebs we grew up on. We get older, we die. So do they. And let’s face it…the stars who have died lately, they were big in the media. Cronkite – we grew up watching him before all the cable news shows were popular. Farrah – the hype with her final days being broadcast made for a big show. MJ – do I need to go there? And who hasn’t seen a Publishers Clearing House commercial with Ed McMahon? The availability of news via your phone, laptop, or TV def makes the world a smaller place!


  2. Did you hear that the Taco Bell dog has now passed as well?


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