Beans, Not a Magical Food

You may have read Erica’s side of the story. But now it’s my turn. 

I did not use my head on this one.
I put a few pounds of leftover baked beans in the freezer door.
Problem: liquids, when in a freezer, freeze.
The juice from the beans formed in the door pocket and it froze to the shape of the pocket.
Solution: get it out.
1. Pull on the bag. Result: Bag breaks.
2. Use a knife to move it around. Result: Doesn’t budge.
3. Use a blow dryer to soften the blob. Result: Erica screams at me because she thinks I’m going to get electrocuted.
4. Use a spoon and knife to chop up the blob and little-by-little get it out. Result: Barely did anything.
5. Use a hammer to hammer in a knife and pull it out. Result: After a few attempts, it came out.
Now I know and knowing is half the battle.

What not-so-smart things have you done?


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  1. beans froze in the freezer…that is amazing


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