I read this post from Shane Craven and thought I’d share it. Tons of stuff to learn here:

“Some Stuff I’m loving from Rick Warren Lately”

  • Avg. church=  Only 10% of members serve in ministry.  50% won’t, but 40% say “I’ve never been asked or don’t know how.” Go after them-   ORIGIN, LET’S CHANGE THIS!
  • When “the brook dries up” (1Kings17:2-9) it’s not REJECTION by God but DIRECTION FROM God. He wants 2 move u 2 a new place!
  • God often closes a door B4 opening a new 1.  Between those doors-dont worry!  Wait,Worship & Watch! It’s a test of faith. Col. 4:3
  • Pastor, stop wishing u were in Atlanta, NYC, Chicago or SoCal & Pour ur love into the dear people he’s called u to serve! Ph. 4:10
  • 30 yrs ago Adrian Rogers told me “Rick, the pastor who is available ALL the time won’t be worth much when he’s available.”
  • God doesn’t bless most those who deserve it most. He blesses most those who TRUST him most. Heb. 11:6  It’s “by Grace thru Faith”
  • Sovereign Factors= God’s choices 4 u: parents,when & where born, talents, race, etc.  But YOU CHOSE how much He blesses u. See Mt. 9:29
  • Everytime u hold ur tongue when attacked or misrepresented your spiritual power grows. Humility gives u authority. Mt.27:12
  • If God asks u to give something away & u can’t, u don’t really own it; IT OWNS U. Never let a possession possess u. Lk 12:15
  • A TRUE man of God is known by HOW HE TREATS those who DISAGREE w him. He refuses to quarrel & is kind to EVERYONE. 2 Tim. 2:24
  • To avoid burnout: Divert Daily (whatever relaxes) Withdraw Weekly (a sabbath) Abandon Annually (disconnect completely) Ps.127:2
  • Jesus isn’t impressed by how u LOVE TO PREACH. He wants you to LOVE THE PEOPLE u preach to today. 1 Cor.13:1-2
  • CH Plants-When small,they dismiss u. When ugrow,they discredit u. When larger,they dislike u. When big,they defame. LOVE them!  Rom 12:21
  • The greatest churches are yet to BE! Built on God’s purposes by guys who learn from mentors. I intend to help them succeed.
  • Every pastor has to decide what he wants most: Control or Growth. U can’t have both.The bottleneck is always at the top.
  • You’ll never be fully satisfied on earth because u were made for FAR MORE. At death u won’t leave home-u’ll go home.  2 Cor. 5:1
  • Never confuse your value with ur valuables, nor ur networth for ur self-worth.The greatest things in life aren’t things.
  • Every style goes out of style.The only way to always be relevant is to focus on what’s eternal-God’s purposes. Ps. 33:101
  • Jesus measures greatness by service,not status. The size of the task is irrelevant. It’s how much love you put into it.
  • Life is a struggle because we struggle with God. We want to be God & there’s no way we’ll win that one. Surrender is peace.
  • No matter who or how old you are, you’ll always need chldren in your life. They are God’s tools for teaching unselfishness.
  • NEVER COMPARE yourself! Other’s success will discourage you OR yours will make you prideful. Both are deadly. Gal.6:4
  • If unbelievers like what they see, they’ll listen to what we say.
  • Read your way out of every rut. Pray your way out of every doubt. Act your way out of every fear.When going thru hell, KEEP GOING! Love U guys!
  • Don’t claim you believe the Bible if you’re doing nothing for widows & orphans. James 1:27.
  • Weddings make us smile but funerals make us think..Death forces us to consider the meaning of life. Eccl. 7:2 . Never waste a funeral.

Those are pretty incredible things to think about. What are you learning?


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