Twitter: I signed up…now what?

I’ve been hearing this comment around New Vintage Church recently: “I signed up for Twitter, but have no idea what I should use it for.”

Here are some Twiter basics:

Terminology –

  • You can twitter a tweet or tweet a twitter
  • When you Follow someone you are signing up to receive whatever they tweet (ex. typing “follow NewVintageWFC” would mean you’d receive NVC tweets)
  • An @reply is when someone replies to you, mentions you or mentions you in a tweet (ex. “@NewVintageWFC loved the service tonight!”)
  • A DM or Direct Message is a message sent directly to one individual for their eyes only to see, a private message. (ex. “d avsteeg can i ask you some questions about today’s sermon? I’m really struggling with this one. What’s your email?”)
  • A Hashtag is the number sign in front of a term or series phrase (ex. #whyworry, #soco, and #newvintagechurch) and is used to track tweets mentioning the same term or phrase

Basic Settings –

  • Rule #1 – get a picture, don’t allow your account to have the brown generic icon for more than 2 minutes…seriously, people.
  • You can allow tweets to come to your phone via text messages
  • You can control which twitter users you follow
  • You can control who follows you by enabling “protect my updates/tweets”
  • You can control which users you get to your phone and which ones you only get to the web
  • You can sync your facebook and twitter status’ so that every time you tweet, it automatically updates your facebook status

How should I use Twitter? – People use it different ways, but I’ll give you some ways that I use it.

  • To promote something your passionate about
  • To connect with people who are interested in the same things as you
  • To make business connections
  • To spread the news about what @NewVintageWFC is doing
  • To quiz people on information that I may need (ex. “What’s the best place for tacos in Santa Rosa?”)
  • To share funny things that happen through my day
  • To spread the Word of God
  • To continue to challenge people to do what we talked about in our weekend services
  • To interact with people who I would never, ever interact with otherwise…expand my influence
  • To share pictures (via of things that are happening (you can also share video via or if you have the new iPhone)
  • To share blog posts with people
  • To stay in instant contact with people I love that don’t live near by
  • To stay connected with the larger Kingdom of God and how God is moving in other parts of the country or world
  • To get discounts and freebies from local businesses who also use twitter

The main thing I use it for in connection with New Vintage Church is promote what we’re doing, what’s we’re saying and creating a conversation pre, during and post service experience. Basically connecting us beyond the weekend.

Does this help?


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