5 Years Ago Today

Five years ago, today, I had Quizno’s for lunch. Nobody remembers what they had for lunch years ago unless it happens to be the same day as a life-changing event. And it was.

Erica Paige Solberg became Mrs. Erica Paige Foster and I’m so grateful for her. She has been a rock in hard times, a voice of reason in difficult situations, a smiling face in joyful times and the best mother in the world this past year. I just wanted to take one moment today and tell the world…I love Erica. In fact Ich hab’ mein herz zum Erica verloren. Which translates, I have lost my heart to Erica. She is the perfect match for me and I just realized that as we reach our 20th anniversary, Josiah will turn 16…but we’ll get to that blog in about 15 years.


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