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Brazilian Visitors

What do you get when you take 22 Brazilians and throw them into the New Vintage Church mix? Here’s a couple of shots that tell the story.


an illustrator for hire

I’ve added a new link on my blog. It’s a friend of mine, named Seth, who is an illustrator. He’s looking for opportunities to use his skills. Do you need an illustrator for anything? Check him out.

Mac Powell Says Hello

A couple of weeks ago a few of us from New Vintage Church had dinner with Mac and Aimee Powell while we were in Atlanta, Ga. He wanted to send our church a quick hello…

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Layover in Dallas

Wednesday night we (Erica, Paul, Jenn and myself) were stuck at the DFW airport for 3 hours. So, what did we do? We ate dinner, charged our iPhones and took a bunch of pictures. And the result is this video. Enjoy.

It happened on Easter in 2008

On Easter in 2008, this happened:

A few days later, this happened:

What were you doing on Easter in 2008?

Are You Dedicated?

When I ask the question, “Are You Dedicated?” I don’t mean did your parents “dedicated you to the Lord” when you were a baby. What I mean is…are you committed? Are you sticking out the hardships, lulls and valleys that come your way because of your dedication to something?

Sunday night Erica got a call from her mom that her Great-Grandma Clark was not expected to make it through the night. At that moment I became dedicated to making sure Erica could say good-bye before she passed. So we packed up the car, which takes a little longer than it used to with Josiah in the mix, and started our journey to Fresno at around 11pm. Keep in mind that we had been up since 5:45am and it was Spring Forward day! Yikes! I was tired. But I wanted to make sure that Erica could see her before she passed. We drove to Erica’s parents house, dropped off our stuff and Josiah and made our way to the home where Great-Grandma Clark lives, which is in Downtown Fresno…not a place you want to visit at 3:45am.

Even though Great-Grandma Clark made it through a few more nights until she passed, I knew that if we didn’t hit the road right when we got the word, Erica wouldn’t be able to function normally. What I witnessed was a healthy transition for the family.

Are you dedicated to something?

Since we were in Fresno I crashed a band practice for Mercy Fists. I knew where they practiced and that they would be there Monday night. So I just walked in. It was awesome to see those guys in their own rehearsal space, on their own stage, with their own equipment, rehearsing their own songs. They are dedicated. They have business meetings, writing sessions, shows, rehearsals and 4 committed band members. As you probably know, you can’t do anything in a band without committed band members. So, Chris, Kaleb, Haylie and Brett…it was great to see your dedication.

Are you dedicated to something?

While we were in Fresno, we had the fortunate opportunity to hang out with Paul, Jenn and Grace Haugen. Paul has been working really hard to record his first album. He’s been in the studio, writing, recording and performing his new songs to death. Why? Because he’s…you guessed it…dedicated.

I think most people go through life without a clear sense of purpose and mission. That means they aren’t focused, which means they are probably constantly adding to their plate, “over-committing” (which is actually under-committing to the most important things) and stressing themselves out.

So, how can you be dedicated? Keep it simple. Choose and commit to what is most important. Even when things get rough, stay the course because one of these days you will experience a break through and your life will hit momentum. Keep going. Keep going. Keep going. Dedicate yourself.

I ask one more time…

Are you dedicated to something? And if you are, is it worth your dedication?

My Prize.

On Sep 1, 2009 my friend Luke Mundy put up a blog post that called for his 1000th commenter and that person would win a prize. Well, I won and the prize was in our mailbox today! I’m thinking of wearing this to church this weekend…what do you think? hahahahaphoto 2The t-shirt is from, they have some other funny t’s like one of the “fail whale” from Twitter.
Thanks for the fun, Luke, I love to win!