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Monkey Boy.


Caption Please.

Recently, Erica and I went to San Francisco for the day. We were celebrating our anniversary. We came across this and I thought it was funny. So LOL with me.

Josiah Drums.

Josiah loves this particular song by Chris Tomlin. It’s called Our God and he always has the same reaction. DRUMMING.


We are on a vacation in Washington visiting my family and I’m so happy to vegg-out after the busy month we’ve had. Here’s a couple of shots from today’s photo shoot.

Josiah Discovering His Fingers


Meet Ken.

hahahahahahahah. love this.

Josiah Claps.

It’s true.
My son now claps.
And he has done it on command a lot the last few days.
Erica said it makes her feel like a rock star.
Enjoy a few seconds of clapping.