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Monkey Boy.


Josiah Drums.

Josiah loves this particular song by Chris Tomlin. It’s called Our God and he always has the same reaction. DRUMMING.

5 Years Ago Today

Five years ago, today, I had Quizno’s for lunch. Nobody remembers what they had for lunch years ago unless it happens to be the same day as a life-changing event. And it was.

Erica Paige Solberg became Mrs. Erica Paige Foster and I’m so grateful for her. She has been a rock in hard times, a voice of reason in difficult situations, a smiling face in joyful times and the best mother in the world this past year. I just wanted to take one moment today and tell the world…I love Erica. In fact Ich hab’ mein herz zum Erica verloren. Which translates, I have lost my heart to Erica. She is the perfect match for me and I just realized that as we reach our 20th anniversary, Josiah will turn 16…but we’ll get to that blog in about 15 years.

Josiah Discovering His Fingers


Josiah Claps.

It’s true.
My son now claps.
And he has done it on command a lot the last few days.
Erica said it makes her feel like a rock star.
Enjoy a few seconds of clapping.

Josiah Loves Apple

Josiah loves apple products. Here’s how I know. He learned to crawl by placing an iPhone in front of him. Is this a good thing or bad?

Does eating make you sleepy?

It does for Josiah.