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The Production Team

One of the great joys of working at New Vintage Church is working with these guys…The Production Team. They are awesome. These guys are who make the main service happen every week from a technical, auditory and aesthetic point of view. We’re always looking for new guys to join this team! And we’re trying to beef up the team a little bit to create two different teams that rotate. These guys have created a community of belonging and have become family. Interested? Email us.


Andy Stanley’s Shirt

Sometimes on Sunday afternoons at 3pm I sit down on my couch with my laptop hooked into my computer and I watch North Point Online (a broadcast of North Point Community Church‘s Sunday services). Since we at New Vintage Church are Strategic Partners with them I like to watch and see what they’re up to. Not to mention the content is incredible and I am always challenged.

This last Sunday I noticed something and it bothered me. And it is dumb that it bothered me…but I was just wondering if anybody else noticed. It was Andy Stanley’s shirt, specially the buttons. Take a look and let me know if you understand what I’m saying here…Did you watch? Did you notice? Can you explain it for me?

one sentence changed it all…

I remember going to the Drive Conference in 2006. It was the first time I had ever been to or even heard of North Point Community Church or Andy Stanley. The sentence that changed everything was this, “We should not make it difficult for the Gentiles who are turning to God” (Acts 15:19). Andy Stanley was quoting Paul and Paul was fighting for the people who were new converts to Christianity. The Jewish Christians wanted the Gentiles to be circumcised before they could become Christian converts. But Paul fought for them and said that there is no reason we should force them to hold to our old traditions, they are not bound by the old law. There is a new covenant.

The church today needs to do the same thing. Fight to keep it simple and not difficult for those who are turning to God. Don’t create a bunch of hoops to jump through. Keep it simple. Because it is simple. It’s simply Jesus.

How are you making it easy?
How are you making it difficult?

Conference Chat with Todd Fields

Yesterday I had the opportunity to join in on a conference chat with Todd Fields. Here are some notes I took during the chat…

North Point Values for their Worship Leaders:

Servant Leadership
Preparedness (in your heart and musically)

  • People are ready to engage in singing after they’ve had fun.
  • The minute you can get someone to smile, tap their toe or laugh…you’ve got buy in.
  • Question for Openers — Is this going to be engaging? it doesn’t have to be secular or christian music.
  • Try to “shrink the gap” between the people and the stage
  • authenticity and humility are important
  • take a close look at the songs in the worship set – does song #2 or 3 hit me EMOTIONALLY
  • Write down how you connect and create a transition – tell a few seconds of your story in the intro
  • There is no magic in just singing songs
  • We WANT our environment to have EMOTION because when our hearts are stirred, it challenges and changes us

How do you transition from a GIG to the VISION?

  • A worship leader will buy into the vision when we buy into them.
  • Most of these worship leaders need pastoring way more than a pay check
  • They want to have input, they want to feel a part of the team

How does NP support their worship leaders?

  • Once a quarter, leadership (day) retreat at the church 10am-3pm
  • Connect socially, have fun and bring in a speaker to talk about one of the values
  • It pays to invest in their lives and pastor them

What does a rehearsal look like?

  • Wed night
  • Dinner together 7pm
  • Ask someone to tell their story (do something “spiritual”)
  • Go through the songs Songs

There are a lot of songs that we may be personally moved by, but at the end of the day the WIN is for the set to be the best it can be…not for my songs to be played all the time

Ask God to move people emotionally and ask Him to open their eyes to His greatness

We add 1 new song a month – with heavy repetition

What is the criteria for new songs?

  • Must be catchy, singable, and great
  • A common mistake – so many songs in a worship rotation that the people get left in the dust – we need to repeat things enough for people to know them
  • People like repetition, they like simple and they like singable
  • If you pick a great set, you can do it regularly and people will love it.

I haven’t thought through all of these notes yet and they may not make perfect sense to you, but I just wanted to throw that out there for you to digest with me. What do you think?

New Set on Stage

This past weekend we changed a detail on our stage for the new series, That Will Leave A Mark. Can you tell the difference?

Who do you learn from/with?

Every month I attend two coaching conference chats. One with a bunch of SPD’s (Service Programming Directors) from other North Point Strategic Partners and one with Ryan Fitzgerald who works for North Point. Here’s a confession, I’m not a good SPD. These guys are awesome. They know how to create sets, execute technical “stuff” and create irresistible environments. I’m happy to learn from them. You’ll also notice Fran’s picture in there…she is coaching all of us in our Right Path Assessments.

So I pose these questions to you:

  • Who are you learning from?
  • Who are you learning with?
  • Are they helping get somewhere?

New Service Times

Starting January 10th

9:30am and 11:15am

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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