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New Year ~ New Blog

I’m in the process of moving my blog to Make sure you sign up for the new RSS or Email subscriptions for this new year. After this notice (post) I’m not going to post on this site any longer, only the new one. See you on the flip side.



Ramblings of a Best Man

A few weeks ago I had the honor of being John’s best man. I MC’d the reception and gave The Speech. But I didn’t get to say everything I wanted to say. So here are some things I may or may not have said in my speech:

  • I’ve known John Grogg since my sophomore year of high school…which makes over a decade
  • John has been my most loyal friend. When I’ve been rude, mean or distant…John didn’t care, he forgave and he moved on
  • We’ve had more spiritual conversations than I can count
  • We have hung out together in High School, Yosemite, Malibu (socal in general), New York, Florida, Germany and France
  • We’ve prayed together
  • We’ve been roommates
  • We’ve disagreed
  • We’ve both been involved in these groups: Gamma Gkkkkkt, ASP, and The Difference
  • We’ve played countless hours of Counter-Strike together…ah, college life
  • We’ve praised God together
  • We’ve shared scripture with one another
  • We’ve shot at each other
  • We’ve even cried

The point is, we’ve shared a lot of life and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for John. You are a true friend. As Sean Connery says in the movie First Knight, “Brother to Brother, Yours in LIfe and Death.”


From Andy, To New Vintage

Andy VomSteeg sharing some thoughts for New Vintage Church.

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Quick Update

The baby boy is coming faster than a speeding bullet! I feel like his arrival is just around the corner and I’m not ready. I don’t think any father is really ready. The studies show (What studies? I don’t know, but it makes my hunch sound more official) that men don’t feel like a father until they see the baby and women begin to feel like a mother part way through the pregnancy. It’s going to be so crazy to see that little guy! Tons of people are trying to guess what his name will be. We do have a name picked out, so you don’t have to send me all your suggestions. Most people like this joke, “You know what would be a great name? (insert their name here) Now that would be a great name.” Well, sorry to dissappoint you, but most likely it won’t be your name.

Erica’s job at Park Point Health Club just went part-time. She no longer has to stand at the front desk for 5-hour shifts twice a week. She just started working part-time at New Vintage Church, which is what her true passion is.

August 2nd I’m the Best Man for my Best Man’s wedding (John and Kala). It’s going to be in the chapel on Pepperdine‘s campus in Malibu. I’m pretty excited about going down there, haven’t been in what seems like forever.

Last weekend we spent the fourth of July in Fresno with family and friends. Paul, Jenn and Grace came back with us and stayed until Tuesday night. It was a lot of fun hanging out with our best friends again. This Sunday Luke and Sarah Mundy are coming to visit. They’ll stay the night on Sunday and then on Monday we’re all driving down to San Jose for the Coldplay concert!

That’s the quick update. Follow me on Twitter for more.

Wii Series

Here’s what’s coming up at New Vintage Church.

Production Team WINS June 6/7

This past weekend at New Vintage Church was one of our smoothest weeks in Production. The team consisted of: Serafim Reis (ProPresentor), Kyle Nahas (Lights/Hazers), Duane Piercy (Stage Right Hand), John Iervolino (Drum Set Up), and Micah Foster (Producer).

  • The Set looked great, thanks to Jeff Hawks.
  • You can see that we’ve stacked them in the closet. We didn’t know if they would fit, but we made it happen!
  • We missed Wes, but he was gone to celebrate his anniversary and everything ran smoothly without him. (We still need you though!)
  • The Set Up went smoothly.
  • The tear down was quick and painless.
  • The service was almost seemless and we can celebrate a huge WIN because we were invisible. In other words, we had a huge part in pulling off the service, but it was behind the scenes work.
  • In our last series, It’s Personal, over 100 people asked Jesus Christ to become personal in their lives. That’s huge and it’s partially because of your service.
  • It was Duane’s first week of in-service responsibilities and he did a great job in Wes’ usual post, Stage Right.
  • Serafim did an awesome job on ProPresentor – it was his first time.
  • Kyle has served two weeks in a row doing Lights and Hazers at both campuses!
  • We missed Dylan Fore because he got poison oak – yet we still made it happen. (We still need you too Dylan)
  • Planning Center Online has been a huge time saver and an easy way to construct the services. I hope you’re taking advantage of previewing the services and seeing what’s coming up. Also, you can block out dates in planning center that you know you will be gone or unavailable.
  • What are some of your wins?

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