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Do you need a Social Media Manager?

Social Media has taken a turn in the last couple of years. Exponential growth in the use of Twitter and Facebook have had a huge impact on the way local businesses and organizations reach out to the community. In the past year, I’ve made great contacts through blogs, Twitter and Facebook. I’ve been to restaurants because of a coupon I received through Twitter. I’ve downloaded a free Coldplay CD through a link on Twitter. I’ve attended countless conferences and live webcast events from the comfort of my couch because of links on Twitter and Facebook. I’ve interacted with the Dog Whisperer on Twitter. I’ve made countless friends on Facebook. I’ve reached an audience with my thoughts on my blogs. Sometimes the content is really good, and sometimes it’s ridiculous, but regardless of the content it goes somewhere, people read it and it has the potential to change the world.

So ask yourself, “Does my __________ (business, organization, brand, product, message etc.) have a frequently updated presence on the web?” Maybe you’ve got a website or a blog, but chances are you don’t utilize all of the ways you can use social media to get your message on the screens of thousands of potential readers.

By utilizing one or more of these social media outlets:
Twitter Accounts
Facebook (Accounts, Fan Pages, or Groups)

…you can reach thousands with your message.

The problem most people have with this is it is time consuming. Managing your social media outlets takes continual time, energy, strategy, and analyzing. Who has time for this? You probably don’t.

I personally manage:
10 Twitter Accounts
5 Blogs
2 Facebook Accounts
3 Facebook Groups
1 Facebook Fan Page
1 LinkedIn Account
1 YouTube Account
1 Vimeo Account

How would you like someone else to manage your accounts?
How would you like monthly reports on account activity?
How would you like to maximize your online presence with frequent content?

If you’re interested in my social media managing services, feel free to send me a quick email.

Services and Pricing
(Prices vary dependent upon your needs)


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