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Suppose you have a teenage son…

Just read this.

Read this excerpt from “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.”

“Suppose you have a teenage son and your normal conversation is something like, ‘Clean your room. Button your shirt. Turn down the radio. Go get a haircut. And don’t forget to take out the garbage!’ Over a period of time, the withdrawals (from your emotional bank account) far exceed the deposits.

Now suppose this son is in the process of making some important decisions that will affect the rest of his life. But the trust level is so low and the communication process so closed, mechanical, and unsatisfying that he simply will not be open to your counsel. You may have the wisdom and the knowledge to help him, but because your account is so overdrawn, he will end up making his decisions from a short-range emotional perspective, which may well result in many negative long-range consequences.

You need a balance to communicate on these tender issues.”

(pg 189)

We know it’s true…yet how many of us ignore these facts? Sometimes we forget and we take the short, easy, yet not effective route.

It’s obvious isn’t it? We need to build a relationship strong enough to bear the weight of truth.


Parenting Advice


Erica and I had an impromptu photo-shoot when we were approached by a photog at Zuma Beach. Photo by Kara Block (

This morning I dropped off our rent check and our property management lady started giving me all kinds of parenting advice. Here are some of the things she said to do:

-Sleep now, because you won’t later
-Don’t be surprised if you forget to pay rent next month
-Swaddle a lot
-Don’t pull tags off of all the clothes you get, take some back and get larger sizes
-If breast feeding doesn’t take, just bottle-feed, it’s no big deal
-Tell Erica to take the drugs
-Take parenting classes that are focused on Positive Parenting
-Use for some hot and fast meals

I can’t remember everything, but she said a lot of things. Though the information was completely unsolicited, I am now asking you. What are the things we need to know? What would you have done differently? Give us your tips and tricks here.